Based on Australian playwright Vanessa Bates’ acclaimed memoir LEGS UP AND LAUGHING, which became the highly successful stage play EVERY SECONDALL OUR EGGS is a 9 part comedy drama webseries, covering five years in the lives it takes to make a life, navigating the highs and lows, the ups and downs, the herbal teas, the acupuncture, the headstands, the sex-by-stopwatch, the IVF procedures – all the agonies and ecstasies of the Great Big Fertility Ride.

Painfully honest, rawly funny, heartbreaking, but ultimately joyous and life-affirming, ALL OUR EGGS is the journey taken by a family…to make a family…with just a little more help than usual.

Directed by Martha Goddard, co-written by Martha and Vanessa, and produced by Dan Prichard, ALL OUR EGGS was funded for development through Screen Australia’s groundbreaking Gender Matters initiative.

The project subsequently received further development funding from Screen Australia and for the ABC.

4 collage wiht names


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